A photograph of Peter Loughrey, founder of Los Angeles Modern Auctions. He died on March 16, 2020 at the too-damn-young age of 52.

Peter Loughrey, founder of Los Angeles Modern Auctions (LAMA), died of cancer on March 16, 2020, at the age of 52.

Loughrey holds a special place in the history of The Hot Bid. He was the interviewee in the first story ever posted to the website, on February 20, 2017–which happened to be his 49th birthday.

Loughrey was among a select group of people who I’ve schemed to feature on The Hot Bid as often as possible, simply because they’re so damn smart, interesting, knowledgable, and enthusiastic about their wares. (No, I will not tell you who the other people are.)

Below you will find links to stories from The Hot Bid in which Peter Loughrey appeared, followed by links to appreciations of Loughrey from other publications.

His loss is being felt deeply and keenly in Los Angeles and across the country and the world. A March 19, 2020 LAMA press release on his life and his passing described an earlier battle Loughrey had with a different cancer, and included this quote: “I was given the gift of living another 25 years after my first diagnosis and have no regrets. The best thing that ever happened to me was having cancer at a young age–as it defined my life. I lived my days to their fullest and on my own terms with the underlying thread that each day was a gift.”

My condolences to his wife, Shannon, president of LAMA, and to all at the auction house.

Please consider making a donation in Loughrey’s memory to the Decorative Arts and Design department at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA).

An Alma Thomas painting sells for almost $400,000.

SOLD! A Jonathan Borofsky work fetches $9,375 at LAMA.

A Bounty Hunter dune buggy sold for $36,250 at LAMA.

A Wendell Castle rocking chair could fetch $120,000 at LAMA.

RECORD! An Ed Ruscha Print Sold for More Than $200,000 in 2014.

RECORD! Carole Feuerman’s Bibi on the Ball sold for $118,750–a new record for the artist.

SOLD! Kenneth Noland’s Songs: Yesterdays fetched (click to see). Also! Happy birthday to The Hot Bid.

Peter Loughrey, esteemed auctioneer and curator, dies after battle with cancer. Architectural Digest, Mallery Roberts Morgan.

Peter Loughrey, founder of Los Angeles Modern Auctions, leaves us at 52. KCRW, Frances Anderton.

Appreciation: My “Antiques Roadshow” moment with Peter Loughrey, champion of California modernism, Los Angeles Times, David A. Keeps.

Also? Cancer can go drop-kick itself directly into the sun. Directly. Into. The. Goddamn. Sun. Just sayin’.