The Hot Bid features intriguing and delightful lots that will sell soon at auction. The lots can have modest estimates, or massive ones. They can come from any auction house. Art, antiques, collectibles–they’re all fair game. New posts appear on Tuesdays and Fridays, and are updated with sale results once the auction ends.

In any given month, auction houses feature hundreds of thousands of lots. The Hot Bid chooses eight to ten to discuss in depth with a house expert.

If you wish to suggest a lot for the site to feature, please email “thehotbid” at gmail. Ideally, lots should be three to six weeks away from their auction dates. The corresponding auction catalog and lot listing must be online, or you must know the date when both will be online. The auction house that offers the lot must also make a relevant specialist available for an interview.

While suggestions are welcomed, coverage decisions rest solely with the site’s writer and editor, Sheila Gibson Stoodley. The Hot Bid does not accept sponsored posts or guest posts. The site debuted on February 20, 2017. The comments function has been disabled. All text is copyright Sheila Gibson Stoodley. Copyrights for the photographs rest with the individual auction houses. It is OK to link to posts on The Hot Bid, but cutting and pasting content is forbidden.

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