During summers and end-of-year holidays, The Hot Bid features lots that set world auction records.

Since The Hot Bid launched in 2017, at least eight featured records have been toppled–one more than once.

Click on the stories below to see the record-setters and see what beat them.

Alma Thomas’s Spring Flowers in Washington, D.C., which set a world auction record for the artist. It was also the first lot ever showcased on The Hot Bid.

A circa 1978 footed bowl by the British ceramicist Lucie Rie, which set a world auction record for the artist.

The Henry Graves Patek Philippe Supercomplication pocket watch, which set records for any pocket watch and any timepiece.

Bold, a painting by Patrick Nagel that set a world auction record for the artist.

Frank Frazetta’s Death Dealer 6, which set a world auction record for the artist and for any piece of comic art.

The Converse sneakers that Michael Jordan wore while playing for Team U.S.A. during the 1984 Olympic Gold Medal game, which set records for a pair of game-worn basketball sneakers and for any pair of sneakers.

A distinctive and charming clapperboard used during the filming of Jaws, a record for any filmset-used clapperboard.

A Gang of Five Machine Man Japanese robot toy, which set a record for a Machine Man toy and for any Gang of Five robot toy.

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